From minor residential projects to large commercial development Bath Planning has a wealth of experience.

Though Bath Planning has been involved in city wide schemes involving design, planning, legal aspects, and implementation we are proud to serve the general public with residential development.


No planning approval is a given fact. Numerous planning regulation intricacies can cause problems. Bath Planning can successfully aid the process with:

  • Good design
  • Pre planning
  • Amended design to appease objections

Building Regulation

Planning approval gives no thought to whether a design can actually be built.

The majority of our planning submission models are designed with consideration to:

  • Building regulations including:
    • Structural calculation
    • Thermal calculation
  • Construction methods
  • Construction drawing sets

Quantity Surveying

Quantity lists can be produced from our designs. These can be used for:

  • Self builders wanting to approximate development costs.
  • Tendering purposes by the home owner.
  • Professional builders wanting to calculate quotations


  • Land claiming and registration.
  • Stopping up procedure.
  • Highway diversion.
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